Successful Result


Whenever we get a study visa approval, my mind takes me back to the day I got the news for my study visa approval. I did not know much about the whole procedure back then. I am going to be very honest, I was REALLY scared. Reason being? I was not guided to understand the process, instead everything was kept a mystery. I did not know the reason for all the documents that went along my application. My goal was to study abroad but somehow I came to realise that getting a visa had been made the bigger goal.
When I chose to be a RCIC, I had my vision very clear that I will explain to each and every one of my clients that they can be free to spend some quality time with their families before moving abroad and let us take care of their APPLICATION TO FULFILL THE 🇨🇦 DREAM.
Our team works hard to get you on the right track even if their has been some failures in the past. The approval in hand was applied last year during lockdown. Client had a couple of refusals and hopes were high. Koodos to our team for working hard on this one. Good luck to Mr. Akash for his future.