Manitoba, Canada welcomes newcomers

International students, skilled workers, and entrepreneurs from all over the world are making Manitoba their new home. Manitoba offers high employment, affordability, and peaceful living in the heart of Canada.


Manitoba is a Canadian province bordered by Ontario to the east and Saskatchewan to the west. It is one of the three prairie provinces and is the fifth-most populous province in Canada

 The economy of Manitoba is a market economy based largely on natural resources. Agriculture, mostly concentrated in the fertile southern and western parts of the province, is vital to the province’s economy. Other major industries are transportation, manufacturing, mining, forestry, energy, and tourism.

The MPNP is Manitoba’s Provincial Nominee Program. Through this program, prospective candidates with the necessary skills and experience may receive a Manitoba Provincial Nomination Certificate, speeding up their immigration process to Canada.

Manitoba has an Express Entry category, which coordinates with the federal Express Entry immigration selection system. The candidates nominated through Manitoba Express Entry category will receive an additional 600 points under the Comprehensive Ranking System and will receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence with the next draw of invitations from the Express Entry Pool by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). CIC is committed to processing these applications within six months or less from the date the application is submitted.

There are three streams through which candidates may immigration to Manitoba are as follows:

  • Skilled Worker Immigration Stream – (Candidates in Manitoba and Overseas)
  • Business Investor Immigration Stream
  • Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative – through the MPNP
Skilled Worker

The MPNP selects skilled workers according to their ability to economically establish, to make a long-term contribution to the Manitoba Labour market. The Skilled Worker categories work through an ‘Expression of Interest’ system, whereby eligible candidates create a profile by completing a series of online questions.

The profile will be placed in the pool with other candidates and you will receive a score based on the information provided by you. The MPNP ranks the candidates you using various factors. Only the highest-scoring candidates, may be invited to submit an application to the MPNP (Based on the set score at the time of the draw). There are no limits on the number of candidates who may submit an Expression of Interest and there are no deadlines either.

The Manitoba Skilled Worker Category has two pathways to apply under & both of these operate under the MPNP Expression of Interest System.

 Skilled Workers Overseas

Manitoba Skilled Worker overseas category uses a points-based system to assess candidates, this category is for skilled workers outside Canada. Applications are accepted from qualified skilled workers who can demonstrate a strong connection to the province through family or friends (Manitoba Support), past education or employment (Manitoba Experience), or by invitation of the MPNP (Manitoba Invitation), and for those who score a minimum of 60 points according to five eligibility factors: age, language proficiency, work experience, education and adaptability.

Click here to learn more about the Skilled Worker Overseas immigration category.

Skilled Workers with Employer Support

Individuals who wish to invest in Manitoba can do so through this stream. This process operates on an ‘Expression of Interest’ system, whereby prospective applicants submit their intention to apply to the program, and the most qualified are invited to apply for immigration.

Business Investor

New Brunswick accepts applications under this category from individuals who plan to own and actively manage a business in New Brunswick. Applicants are expected to make a monetary investment in the business.

Click here to learn more about the NB PNP Business Immigration Stream.

 Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative

One particular initiative for immigration to Manitoba is the Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative. This rural town, situated 112 km southwest of Winnipeg, is actively looking for new immigrants in certain occupations. Immigration to Morden is conducted through the MPNP.

To read more about immigration to Morden, Manitoba through the MPNP, click here.

Announcements and News

Province Announces $3 Million in New Funding to Strengthen Newcomer Support Services

The Manitoba government is reinvesting up to $3.1 million in revenue generated by Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program into services that support newcomers to Manitoba, Education and Training Minister Kelvin Goertzen announced today.

“Our strategic investments will improve the settlement, language, employment and community supports newcomers that need as soon as they arrive in Manitoba to put them on a path to success,” said Goertzen.  “Our province continues to grow largely because of immigration, and we’ve seen the many ways newcomers benefit our culture, communities and economy.”


Updated Winnipeg Map for Newcomers Now Available 

Manitoba Education and Training has published a Spring 2019 Winnipeg Map for Newcomers replacing the 2015 version. The map is a guide to many of the supports and services available in Winnipeg, Manitoba and will help newcomers locate information on: 

  • Newcomer Arrival and Settlement Supports
  • Neighbourhood Immigrant Settlement Workers (NISW)
  • Health and Family Supports
  • Housing
  • Adult Language Training Programs
  • Employment Supports
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Libraries and Other Government Services 

Print versions of the 2019 map are available at Manitoba Start(271 Portage Avenue).

PDF version available here (8MB).

Interactive version coming May 2019.

The interactive map will include the supports and services listed above as well a section dedicated to Services de Soutien Francophone. Check back in early May for details. 

MPNP Renewal – Business Research Supports 

Please note that our immigration website is being regularly updated to reflect ongoing changes associated with the renewal of the MPNP.  For all current business nominees, as well as current and potential applicants, please visit the Business Research Supports page for information on our weekly business information seminars and related business start-up supports. 

For current MPNP business nominees please note that all of the responsibilities previously associated with the Business Settlement Office of Entrepreneurship Manitoba have been transferred to the Immigration Programs Branch of the Immigration and Economic Opportunities Division of Manitoba Education and Training. MPNP business nominees are encouraged to contact [email protected]concerning any questions or updates they may have with respect to their Deposit Agreements. 

Ensure Immigration Representatives are in Good Standing

The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act requires that all immigration representatives that provide Canadian immigration services for a fee must be registered and in good standing with the appropriate regulatory body.

You do not need an immigration representative to apply to the MPNP. If you choose to use an immigration representative, you are responsible for ensuring that your representative is authorized.


Expression of Interest Draw Results

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