How Can I Emprove My Score

1. Language

Did you know that language ability is worth up to 260 CRS points in total for a single candidate? French and English are Canada’s official languages so take a French class and learn both to gain more points.

2. Work

Although Canadian work experience is more valued than non-Canadian work experience, if you have less than three years of full-time experience, keep working!

3. Study

Having a Canadian study experience can significantly increase your score.

4. Education

If you have two or more certificates, diplomas, or degrees you may be able to claim extra points under the education section.

5. Spouse

Candidates with a spouse, however, may have additional potential for improving their CRS score because the spouses level of education, language ability, and Canadian work experience may all be rewarded.

6. Provincial Nominee Programs

If you want a 600-point boost to your CRS score, plus the knowledge that you are being welcomed with open arms into your chosen destination province, it’s time to learn about the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).

7. Job Offer

While the relative value of a qualifying job offer is not as great as it once was – in most cases, down to 50 CRS points from a previous value of 600 points – obtaining a job offer remains an important factor.

8. Getting Help

Do you need assistance in preparing an application for Canadian permanent residence? If so, view our Book an Immigration Consultant page to book a consultation with some of the best immigration lawyers in Canada.

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) tool: skilled immigrants (Express Entry)

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